2020 Eastern NL Virtual Fair Results

Grade 7 & 8

La sel vraiment-il aide à fondre la glace?

Alexander Loder & Emma George – Grade 8 – Villanova Junior High

How Exposure to Cellphones Affects Plant Growth

Allyson Chard – Grade 8 – Crescent Collegiate

Keep The Cold In

Cecilia Hollett – Grade 8 – St. Bonaventure’s College

Hey Wanna Pet my Dog for Science?

Connor David Payne – Grade 8 – Villanova Junior High

Are We That Similar: Comparing siblings fingerprints

Ericka Chaytor – Grade 8 – St. Kevin’s Junior High

Nos Déchets en Énergie Pile à Combustible Microbienne

Logan Corbett – Grade 8 – Villanova Junior High

Photosynthesis: leaves at work

Sofia Butler – Grade 7 – St. Bonaventure’s College

Understanding the Effectiveness of Influenza vaccines by comparing Surface Proteins of Vaccine strains to the Surface Proteins of Commonly Circulating Influenza Strains

Tanish Bhatt- Grade 8- MacDonald Drive Junior High

Grades 9 & 10 & 11

Find the High “C”– Honorable Mention

Abigail Dancey – Grade 10 – Gonzaga High School

Edible Water Bottles

Cameron Hayward – Grade 10 – Holy Heart of Mary

Prosthesis Vs. Reality– Honorable Mention

Cassidy Curtis – Grade 9 – Holy Trinity High

The Retention Of Vape Juice In Your Lung

Ella Evoy – Grade 11 – Holy Spirit High School

Microplastic abundance in local water sourcesundefined

Linnaea Bird – Grade 10 – Holy Trinity High

The Effect of EXOCYST70A3 Gene in Plants Root System to help fight Climate Change

Paule Méndez- Grade 11- Holy Heart of Mary

Grade 12

The Ergonomic Assessment of High School Desks

Ava McGrath & Emma Moores- Grade 12- Holy Spirit High School

The Effect of Mytilus edulis Aquaculture Sites on the Abundance and Biodiversity of Local Phytoplankton and Zooplankton Populationsundefined

Emily Meade – Grade 12 – Holy Heart of Mary

The Effect of Age on the Germination of Anethum graveolens and Brassica oleracea Seeds undefined

John Scott Pearce – Grade 12 – Holy Heart of Mary

A Vast Study of Visible Light

Peter Noel & Claire Bates – Grade 12 – Holy Spirit High School

Lactase Enzymatic Activity

Tristan Paranavitana – Grade 12 – Holy Heart of Mary

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